Full-Body Fitness for Runners


"Thad banded together with some of most knowledgeable people in the running industry to pull together the informative Full-Body Fitness for Runners. Everything from fuel, stretching, running form, and workouts to keep you fit for life."

Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer at Runner’s World, author of My Life on the Run

"Full-Body Fitness for Runners" provides multiple recipes—both workout details and healthy fuel options—for those looking for specific advice on building a better running body."

—Jonathan Beverly, former editor in chief at Running Times

Finally, a practical, no nonsense guide for runners

looking for a balanced approach to achieving their

running peak. From beginners to advanced

runners, this book covers your entire training

program, strength, fitness, core, and technique all

the way through to nutrition. Some topics I was happy to see included acclimation (that horrible point where you feel your fitness go backwards, not forwards!). In addition, the nutrition section has some great fundamentals such as the important carb to protein ratio within 30min of your running session. I love that one of the best post workout recovery drinks is chocolate milk - yes please! There are lots of great mindset and goal setting tips to keep you on track, because lets face it, our minds can often be the first thing to get in the way of good training. If you're a runner looking for more education, a trustworthy program, and a hit of motivation, look no further than Thad's Full Body Fitness For Runners.

—Amelia Phillips, marathon runner, personal trainer, nutritionist http://ameliaphillips.com.au

"I've been searching long and far for a book that combines well

explained fitness routines with clear, colorful examples. This book

goes beyond fitness to also give you helpful tidbits on nutrition,

vitamins, carbs, and even recipes from experts in the field.

RunnerDude has created the most useful, practical, well-rounded, and thorough fitness book on the market geared toward runners. I'll be using this book for years to come to help design my fitness plan and as a quality reference alongside other handy materials in my running library."

—Thomas Hollowell, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Barefoot Running

"There's more to running than running. Full-Body Fitness for Runners offers an excellent primer on some of the often-overlooked elements of running success."

—Matt Fitzgerald, author of Racing Weight, Racing Weight Cookbook, and Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel

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